Step 1. Select the Model

Step 2. Select Width

Step 3. Select Length

Step 4. Select Roof

Step 5. Select Siding

Step 6. Select Trim

Once you have completed the initial design the menu items appear in the top menu bar and you are able to ether "Save" the design or "Edit" the design by adding doors and windows.

The "Edit Options" button will reveal the available options for the selected model.

"Move Options" Allows you to move existing doors and windows to different positions on the walls. To move an option place your cursor over the option, when the blue brackets display single click on the option. This will pick the option up. You can now move your cursor to another location on the walls and place the option by clicking once.

"Add Options" Displays the Door and Window menus. You simply click on the door or window that you want to add to the building. This will open the floor plan and allow you to place the option on the wall of your choice. Remember, one click to pick up option, one click to drop option.